Our founder and CEO, Anne Oliver, was recently interviewed on her experiences with discrimination being an Asian American Entrepreneur and how she has overcome these hurdles with the help of her community. 

'How do you cope with discrimination, and what might you suggest to other Asian-American professionals who might be facing the same discrimination?

Fortunately, I am very close to my Vietnamese community. Discussing our hurdles with family, friends and fellow Asian business owners creates a safe space where we openly talk about what we see and experience but most importantly we support each other. 

What are some of the key factors in overcoming acts of discrimination?

Supporting family, friends and colleagues is the foundation in overcoming any negative aspects of life. Our community is big on reaching out to fellow Asian-American business owners and collaborating with each other to make sure we have the help and support needed to succeed.'

To read the full article from Thrive Global, click here 

Let's continue to spread positivity and support! Let us know in the comments below how you overcome discrimination and how you support those with the same experiences

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