Acknowledging this crucial turning point in history for our Asian American Community is imperative.
House of M Beauty's Founder and CEO, Anne Oliver, is an Asian woman who continuously supports and collaborates with her fellow Asian community.   
About Our Founder:
An immigrant from Vietnam having migrated to the United States at a young age, Anne pursued her passion in beauty and skincare once she became a mother. Diagnosed with postpartum depression after having her first child, Anne sought a natural way to combat this struggle. After much research and seeing the positive effects saffron had on her mood and health, Anne noticed remarkable results in her skin. Clear, blemish free, even-toned and radiant.
Founded with a purpose, House of M Beauty is a saffron infused, clean skin care line that prioritizes clean, quality ingredients and performance. 
Featured in Beauty Independent: 

'More Than 200 Asian American- And Asian-Owned Beauty Brands And Retailers To Support Now And Forever'

We are grateful to be included and recognized amongst the great entrepreneurs and brands in the community. We will continue to show our support and help those in spreading awareness and acknowledgement of our community. 

Read the full article and list from Beauty Independent HERE


 Thank you for shining a light on our community
-House of M Beauty

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