When Anne had her first child, she experienced postpartum depression. Sleepless nights, mood swings and hormonal changes left her skin with acne, lackluster and dull. After going through Doctors for their recommendations, antidepressants were their only solutions. However, Anne was still breastfeeding and helplessly seeked natural alternatives to bring any improvements to her life while having just become a new mom. 

Through much research, seeing the science and testimonies from many others, Anne came across a powerful spice, saffron. As she learned more about this spice, she found that it had already been used and popular in Eastern cultures. The benefits were incredible. This one spice that is so commonly used in cooking these days has numerous benefits to overall health.

The new Mother began by ingesting the saffron threads in tea.  She sought out the highest quality saffron (Afghan saffron) and began drinking this tea daily. To her amazement, she saw improvement.


Anne was able to achieve deep sleep at night, even with the limited sleep a new mom can get, she experienced being able to fall asleep with ease and feel well-rested with less hours. 

To her disbelief, Anne then realized that her mood had improved tremendously. She no longer had to battle with her postpartum depression. No mood swings, no depressive episodes. Her mental health finally took a turn for the better.

Finding a natural remedy to her battle with postpartum depression was her goal but she then noticed another benefit, glowing skin!

Through her vast research on saffron, there was mention of this incredible spice being used to brighten and clear complexion. Anne experienced this first hand. Her skin was clear, toned and glowing!

Seeing the power of this miracle spice led Anne to create a skincare line and ultimately a wellness line that nurtures the use of all natural ingredients. Wanting to create a convenient way for people to benefit from the power of saffron, Wellness’ 100% Pure Saffron Extract was created. A supplement that includes the same, high quality saffron Anne used for herself. Tested and certified through ISO standards, the saffron in the skincare line and supplement use only the highest and purest quality saffron.

Anne then became pregnant again. Now experiencing her second pregnancy, she has noticed an extreme difference now versus her first pregnancy. Being her own guinea pig and taking the 100% Pure Saffron supplement daily while being a new mom and then becoming pregnant again.

The results have shown, no mood swings, great sleep (even as she enters the last few weeks of pregnancy). Skin is clear and glowing. Having experienced this complete improvement in experiences, she credits it all due to saffron supplement. 


House of M’s mission is simple:

Bringing the power of natural ingredients to improve skin health for all.

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