House of M About

Our Vision

We are skincare artisans who craft and curate ingredients with the utmost highest quality We believe each ingredient and skincare product serves a specific purpose. We pride ourselves in our dedication to no fillers, preservatives, or other toxicities so that we may create the best product for our skin.

Our products are concentrated with multiple active ingredients that are individually curated to target and remedy real life skin concerns and remedy.


Clean, toxic-free, and cruelty-free beauty

We believe in using natural ingredients and always being toxic-free. As we craft each product, we strive to maintain luxury quality for everyone. As the beauty industry broadens, we noticed a gap in the market where powerful, super antioxidants such as saffron and collageneer where not yet introduced. 

By utilizing these ingredients, we hope to bring awareness and benefits of these into mainstream skincare, as well as provide insight on how these can positively transform skin.


House of M About Anne Oliver

Our Founder | Anne Oliver

House of M was born of a new mother’s struggle with postpartum depression. When founder Anne Oliver had her first child, she fell into postpartum depression and was recommended by a doctor to be put on medication. However, she wanted to keep breastfeeding her son, so Anne sought out natural alternatives to help her cope with her struggles.

Through her research, she found that saffron served as a mood enhancer, but also delivered antioxidant benefits to the skin. As she began to incorporate saffron into her diet and skincare regimen, she noticed her skin became more radiant over time, brightening her complexion, fading blemishes and improving her skin texture.

As a skincare enthusiast devoted to clean & natural ingredients, she wanted to bring saffron into mainstream skincare with the goal of developing a clean skin care line using natural ingredients, with saffron serving as one of its core pillars of powerhouse ingredients.

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