About Us

We are a supplement company whose focus is on clean natural ingredients. You can find recognizable compounds  like the fruits and vegetables we consume daily on our list of ingredients. This was a thoughtful and important decision when creating these supplements due to the benefits of taking a vitamin that has foods in it our body already recognizes. Our bodies are very sensitive to synthetic ingredients and can have side effects such as bloating and break outs. With natural ingredients, our body is able to absorb more of the nutrients in a less harmful way.
House of M Wellness was born from its sister company, House of M Beauty and its founder Anne Oliver. After a battle with postpartum depression she began a journey to find healthy and natural alternatives to many things like vitamins and supplements. Noticing that many of the supplements she was taking were causing bloating or breakouts she began to research why. It was then that she realized many of the products contained synthetic ingredients. It was important to her that she create a product that had clean, high quality and natural ingredients that are already familiar to the body.
Creating these supplements was also a team effort! Anne’s younger son was able to pick out the flavor of our Kid’s Multi Vitamin!