House of M Wellness  

House of M Wellness is a source for well-being and nourishment. Our goal is simple; to help  you and your family live healthy and happy. We were inspired by the experiences of our founder  Anne Oliver and her battle with postpartum depression that culminated into a journey of  discovery filled with natural alternatives.  

We’re a supplement company, but also a team with purpose rooted in meaningful nutrition,  natural high-quality ingredients and trusted partners. Our supplements are inspired by a need  in the market that guides us on our mission to redefine the notion of wellness with clean and  natural supplements.  

Made for health from nature  

Born from the experiences of our founder Anne Oliver, House of M Wellness is an industry  refresher. As Anne set out on a journey that considered both diet and lifestyle, she discovered  that the supplements she once trusted were not healthy at all. They caused bloating and  breakouts, and contained nothing but synthetic ingredients.  

Today, we answer the call for supplements made from clean and natural formulas with House  of M Wellness. Throughout our list of ingredients, you can find recognizable compounds  including real foods like fruits and vegetables consumed daily, which are behind our powerful  benefits! Our supplements are all about delivering more with real foods for better absorption  and more nutrition.  

Home to friends, family & community  

To ensure fresh formulas and top nutrition that’s accessible to all, we use the highest quality  ingredients, while sticking to an affordable price point. Just like you, we also care about the  health of family and friends. Hence we create with everyone in mind and choose formulas that  we can proudly share with those around us.