Saffron Science

How Your Complexion Can Benefit From Saffron
Derived from the flower of the Crocus, saffron is a truly magical and complex plant that offers an impressive range of natural medicinal benefits , especially for the skin. Through its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties, high vitamin content and plentiful antioxidants, saffron works to help brighten the skin and improve pesky hyperpigmentation, signs of acne, and blemishes.

Saffron is also rich in minerals, which protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, free radicals and other environmental stressors. When properly incorporated within skincare, this miracle plant assists in improving skin elasticity, radiance and softness.

Our passion for powerful ingredients, stems from our experience as a mom where we are familiar with time constraints and the need for multitasking formulas. With the right ingredients, we’re able to develop formulas that are multitasking and effective — no need for multiple products!
Seeing’s a good thing!

Not all saffron is created equal, and that’s where House of M Beauty’s connection with this sophisticated herb truly stands out. We specifically source the highest quality form of saffron, Super Negin, using a refined process that produces only the most potent threads for maximum skin-supporting benefits.

Super Negin is different from the saffron you may be used to seeing in that it has been much more precisely cut and sorted to produce only red stigmas (separated from yellow styles). It’s within these stigmas where the compounds Crocin, Picrocrocin and Safranal can be found. By prioritizing the cultivation of Super Negin in our formulas..

we’ve ensured that our products yield maximum impact.

Quality compounds:
When it comes to saffron’s myriad skin benefits, you have these three superstar active organic compounds to thank — Safranal, Crocin and Picrococin. These carotenoid super compounds have a positive correlation with levels of potency and efficacy of the extract, especially within Super Negin.

Every small batch of our saffron is meticulously tested at our manufacturing facility in France, and each compound is measured using Global ISO Premium Standards.

Our process ensures that our saffron plants test at maximum purity, with levels of Safranal, Crocin and Picrocrocin that are well above the ISO Premium Standard.
Quality compounds:
The types of Saffron

There are 5 different types of saffron that all vary in quality. We rely on premium Super Negin, which has the most nutritional value for the creation of our products.

Recognized as the most expensive and rare trim of Saffron, Super Negin is hand picked and dried the same day to capture the most nutritional value possible. That means Super Negin is the most potent, as well as aesthetically pleasing of all. Quality saffron has specific properties that every person can notice including by looking for brands with ISO certification.

House of M Beauty’s saffron has been certified through ISO standards, to learn more about ISO Standards and Testing for quality and pureness, please visit the link for more info